Recreational Leagues Edit

  • Puget Sound Soccer League - Puget Sound Soccer League provides fun, safe and affordable co-ed soccer for the greater Seattle area, with licensed referees and various levels of skill and competition.  (206) 588-5806.
  • CoRec Soccer League - Recreational co-ed and men's teams.  Quite a few modified rules for this league, such as, no playing a player from behind and goalie can pick up balls passed back by players. (206) 329-9125
  • Greater Seattle Soccer League - Recreational and Competitive men's league soccer, age based divisions FIFA Rules. (206) 782-6831
  • Northwest Co-ed- Recreational and Competitive co-ed league soccer. FIFA Rules.
  • Recreational Adult Team Soccer - Seattle's newest recreational adult soccer league, co-ed and women's. Formed in 2012 by teams from Co-Rec soccer's former women's league.  Modified FIFA. (206) 399-7592
  • Washington State Women's Soccer- Recreational and Competitive women's league soccer, age based divisions . FIFA Rules. (206) 898-7807

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