Washington Suppliers Edit

The Natural Pet Pantry Edit

Call for pricing. Delivers with a minimum purchase to Seattle on the first Saturday of every month.

Some Natural Pet Pantry products are carried by All The Best Pet Care.

Further details on product composition, from the owner Jackie, current as of March 17, 2011:

  • The ground cat food:
    • Chicken and Turkey is thigh meat
    • Venison is trim meat
    • The ratio is about 80% meat, 10% liver, 10% heart (no bone)
  • The ground rabbit with bone:
    • Mix of rabbit backs and fronts with no offal
    • Probably 80% meat 20% bone

Darwin's Natural Pet Products Edit

Ideal Food Products Edit

(360) 666-3160

Battle Ground, WA

Northwest Suppliers Edit

Doug the Meat Man Edit

Coarse Ground Chicken Info Edit

as of March 15, 2011:

  • 1/2" grind
  • Formula:
    • 60% Chicken Frames
    • 15% Liver
    • 15% Gizzards
    • 6% Necks
    • 4% Heart

Columbia River Natural Pet Foods Edit

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