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A typical agenda for a meeting for the PeaceWorks Park vigil. The undated document probably dates from about late October 1990. Copies would typically have been passed out to all participants.

"Normal" general meeting agenda

[As may be needed:] Note that we have a very long agenda here. Please feel free to come and go, but try to wait a few minutes after you've arrived before speaking.

Everyone is welcome to take notes. Everyone is encouraged to circulate notes and ideas.

Tentative Agenda

Intros, additions to agenda, etc (1 minute each person)

How the consensus process works (5 minutes)

Review of our goals: Help end the Gulf Crisis in peace, justice, liberty; free speech; steward the park; Spiritual center; Democracy/"people power"; education (just read out list)

Maintaining the vigil (time allocated as needed)

Content of this will vary wildly. Possible topics include:
support people
dealings with parks/police/etc.
Food & Wood
supplies & funds for Art/Publicity/Copying/etc.
Internal flow of information
facing winter
Vigil house

Educating ourselves

Education here & now (typicall 30 minutes)
oil politics, origin of the crisis, current state of the crisis
upcoming educational events (5-10 minutes)

Events (As needed)

other groups, in the park, elsewhere but organized by us

Publicity (As needed)


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