Hole in the wall is located in Renton on Maple Valley Highway (169). If you're coming from the west it's on the right, after a gas station. The field is squished between the road and a ridgeline. At first I thought this would lead to some weird fields, luckily most the fields were pretty level. There was a few hilly fields which were actually quite fun. The fields are very woodsball-y, I wasn't too fond of the bunkers. There is alot of vegetation except where the owners have cleared. This creates tunnels through the weeds. The staff is pretty cool, the ref's keep the game fun and talk lively.


15$ Field Fee (unlimited air and CO2)

+10$ Fee If you bring your own paint

Paint: 45$ 2000; 25$ 1000; 15$ 500

Case of paint starts out at $35.00 case


Official SiteEdit

Hole in the wall

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