Here you will find a list of places in Seattle that are open 24 Hours.

Pharmacies by NeighborhoodEdit

Restaurants by NeighborhoodEdit

  • Ballard
    • McDonalds: 5400 14th Ave NW


Supermarkets by NeighborhoodEdit

  • Ballard
    • Safeway: 1423 NW Market St
    • Ballard Market: 1400 NW 56th St
    • QFC: 5700 24th Ave NW

  • Bellevue
    • Safeway - 1645 140th Ave NE

  • Kirkland
    • Safeway - 12519 NE 85TH ST
    • metropolitan market

  • Redmond
    • QFC - 148th Ave NE and Redmond Way

  • West Seattle
    • QFC

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